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Printing Blocks

Vintage printing blocks from A Brunnschweiler & Co

Some - but not all - traditional African wax print fabrics were over printed by hand using heavy wooden printing blocks.

These vintage printing blocks date back to the 1980s and were used up until 2007 in the print works of A Brunnschweiler & Co of Manchester, the last remaining English wax print manufacturer. Brunnschweiler now produces their ABC brand of wax prints at their subsidiary factory ATL in Akosombo, Ghana.

Each block is about 3 cm / 1.3 in thick and weighs up about 1.6 kg / 3.5 lb. Dimensions vary, but most are about 20 x 40 cm / 8 x 16 in.

Not just historic artefacts: these blocks can be used!

Block printing at A Brunnschweiler & Co

Block printing at A Brunnschweiler & Co, Manchester

Sorry, we don't have any printing blocks in stock at present

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