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Trashy Recycled Bags

Eco-friendly bags made from recycled plastic water sachets in Ghana

Despite their 'Trashy' label, these bags are far from trashy.

Yes, they start out as trash: the discarded purified water sachets that litter West Africa.

But beyond that sad beginning, these bags are truly astounding.

  • Brilliant, practical designs
  • Light and flexible
  • Strong and durable
  • Washable
  • And very cool - at least we think so!

Plus: The Trashy Bag project now employs over 50 Ghanaians - most of them women.

Trashy Bag making processCollecting, scouring, cutting and sewing recycled water bags into useful and attractive Trashy Bags. Images © Tomas Prochazka for Trashy Bags, Ghana.

Trashy Smart Bag
image for Trashy Smart Bag
Trashy Shopper
image for Trashy Shopper
Trashy Cosmetic Bag
image for Trashy Cosmetic Bag
Trashy Purse
image for Trashy Purse
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