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Archive 2017

£2,100 raised for Musa's clinic

3 Dec 2017. A great big THANK YOU to the worldwide fans of The African Fabric Shop!

At midnight on Saturday 2 December we sent you all an email to kick off our online sale of quilts to raise money for the Sukuta Health Centre in The Gambia.

Only 18 minutes later the first quilt was gobbled up - thanks, Vicky!

That started a quilt feeding frenzy that lasted the rest of the day both online and in the shop. By close of play Musa's clinic was better off to the tune of £2,154, including several generous cash donations.

We're off to The Gambia tomorrow with the good news - and the money, of course!

Previously, your generous support for the Buy a Plank quilt project raised £4,000.

'How did we spend all that money,' you might ask.

The answer is: wedidn't spend it. That was the respsonsibility of Head Nurse Rose Mendy, advised by her team and the village elders.

That money paid for major building and sanitation work, as well as clinical and cleaning equipment.

For news of the next phase of spending at Sukuta Health Centre, watch this space.

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Thank you from Rose, Musa and the Team at Sukuta Health Centre.

Thanks for your generous support:
New lighting and fans recently  installed at the Sukuta Health Centre in The Gambia

£2,670 raised for Musa's clinic

31 Dec 2017. This is truly astounding, folks. When we launched it on 2 December, we thought our modest little quilt sale to raise money for the Sukuta Health Centre in The Gambia might bring in a couple of hundred quid for us to take with us on our buying trip to see Musa, Neneh and our friends at the clinic.

Thanks to your generosity - buying quilts like crazy, that is - we now have £2,670 to put towards more improvements at the clinic. These will benefit patients, staff, volunteers (like Musa) and visitors.

So, where will the money go? That decision - as always - was left to the clinic staff and the community.

While we were in The Gambia in December they got a quotation for additional improvement work to the septic and drainage system, as well as a quotation for new sealable sliding windows. These will improve privacy, cut down the dust and improve air conditioning efficiency in the maternity ward and pharmacy.

With the funding now in hand - work has already begun!

Thank you again for helping Musa's clinic.

Our December visit to Sukuta Health Centre in The Gambia:
Magie and Isobel with Head Nurse Rose Mendy, Musa and the vitally important plumbing and sanitation team!
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