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Customer Showcase

'I just love your African fabrics, but what can I do with them?'

Our answer, as you might expect, is pretty drastic: Cut them up and be creative!

Well, that's just what many of our customers do and we're constantly amazed at the innovative pieces they create. And because not everybody is a quilter, when ever we can we like to show other uses for our fabrics - such as clothing, bags and accessories, upholstery - you name it.

So, if you're proud of a textile creation that you've made using our fabrics, please email us a high quality digital image. Time permitting, we'll try to get it up on this page for everyone to admire.

Amafu covered sofa - Micaela Almeida

Micaela's done a wonderful job of showing off our hand-dyed Amafu fabric from South Africa.

Thanks for the image, Micaela. Well done.

View and buy: Amafu hand-dyes from South Africa

Amafu covered sofa © Micaela Almeida

Glorious Ghana - Pam Stallebrass

Pam is a very good friend and an astounding creative artist from South Africa. This quilt - for us the highlight of her exhibition last year at Festival of Quilts - was inspired by her journey with us around Ghana.

Pam's closeup photographs of hands pay tribute to our many Ghanaian friends: the dyers, makers and artists who supply The African Fabric Shop.

Glorious indeed, Pam!

Glorious © Pam Stallebrass

Emerging Hope - Louise Carr

Louise is a great fan of African fabrics and we always look forward to seeing her next masterpiece.

She dropped by the shop for our April Open Day and behold: another fantastic quilt!

Thanks, Louise.

Emerging Hope © Louise Carr© Louise Carr

Comfort - Louise Carr

As you can see, Louise is not shy of hard work.

Witness her this beautiful hexagons quilt, entirely handpieced.

Wow factor!

Comfort © Louise Carr© Louise Carr
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