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Magie Relph Quilt Gallery

Most of my quilts are rooted in some way in Africa - either in design, inspiration, fabrics, or all three. I'll try to rotate new pieces through the gallery from time to time. I hope you enjoy my work and find it inspiring.

Magie Relph

Wapi Choo

Wapi choo is Swahili for something we all need to ask when we're travelling: where's the toilet.

So here's a little toilet Magie made inspired by our many safari experiences in east and southern Africa, most recently in Kruger National Park.

The swing door on this choo is a small scrap of a traditional Kenyan kikoy.

Wapi Choo © Magie Relph

Carnet du Passages

When it comes to quilts and creating, Magie's biggest influences are the African fabrics she collects and the journeys we endure to find them. Her latest quilt - Carnet du Passage - documents our recent three-month road trip by local transport across West Africa. Look closely and you'll find decrepit and virtually worthless bank notes, tickets for various buses and shared taxis, scraps of fabric and at least one beer cap from each country en route - except Mauritania, which is as dry as the desert it is.

Carnet du Passages © Magie Relph

Magie's Postcard Collection

On the road in Africa there's plenty of time to kill: waiting for transport, waiting on borders, that sort of thing. Magie has taken to filling the time by handstitching small 'postcard' quilts as interpretations and reflections on the journey.

Postcard from Labe

Labe - in the stunning Fouta Djallon highlands of northern Guinea - has a long tradition of indigo dyeing. We recently explored the indigo villages there, documenting their dyeing techniques and of course buying their famous indigo 'Guinea cloth'.

Here, the village ladies are drying their indigo cloths on the line. Magic.

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Postcard from Labe by Magie Relph
Postcard from Labe © Magie Relph

Postcard from The Gambia - My Gilly-gilly

Travelling to the local lumos or markets around Basse - way up river in The Gambia - requires stamina and a hard bottom. This small quilt is Magie's version of local transport there, a clapped out minibus ram jam packed full of people, goods and livestock.

The wheels on my gilly-gilly are beer caps from Julbrew, the local tipple.

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Postcard from The Gambia by Magie Relph
Postcard from The Gambia - My Gilly-gilly © Magie Relph

Ashanti Gold

The great wealth of the Ashanti kingdom in central Ghana was built on gold - a good reason for the British to call their colony 'The Gold Coast'.

Gold still plays an important role in modern Ghana, both economically and culturally.

This wallhanging made from hand-dyed Ghanaian batiks - mostly by Esther Amate and Grace Adover - is a tribute to Ashanti gold.

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Ashanti Gold quilt © Magie RelphAshanti Gold © Magie Relph
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