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Limited Edition Beads

Special limited edition selections of African beads

Are you looking for something special and different to inspire your next jewellery or beading project?

Look no further!

Each pack contains a variety of African beads, specially auditioned and combined by Magie and Jenny.

For details and prices, click individual items.

Bead size and scale

As a visual clue to the size and scale of our beads, we use a Star beer cap in our bead images. Why Star? Because it's the major beer of Ghana where most of our beads are made. Also, on the buy pages, we indicate approximate bead dimensions in millimetres.

Magie and Happy, the friendliest bead trader in Koforidua, Ghana

Gin Lovers
image for Gin Lovers
Shades of Grey New
image for Shades of Grey
Lustrous New
image for Lustrous
Tiffany New
image for Tiffany
Pink Haze New
image for Pink Haze
River Gambia New
image for River Gambia
Speckles New
image for Speckles
Maroc Terrazzo New
image for Maroc Terrazzo
Sea Treasure New
image for Sea Treasure
Sahara New
image for Sahara
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