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Undyed African Textiles

Undyed handwoven cotton from Africa

In West Africa in particular, small scale artisan weavers have been weaving cotton cloth for centuries.

Where ever we travel in West Africa, we're on the lookout for just these cloths: ranging from large blankets to scarf lengths to narrow strip cloth woven in 40-60 metre lengths.

All are handwoven from 100% undyed cotton. For some cloths the yarn is handspun as well. Our main source countries are Mali, Burkina Faso and The Gambia.

These cloths are all excellent for dyeing yourself.

Weaving undyed cotton: Segou MaliWeaving undyed cotton: Segou, Mali

Tree Cotton Blanket
image for Tree Cotton Blanket
Mossi Blanket
image for Mossi Blanket
Mossi Blanket
image for Mossi Blanket
Mossi Blanket
image for Mossi Blanket
Undyed Handwoven Scarf Length
image for Undyed Handwoven Scarf Length
Undyed Strip Cloth - The Gambia
image for Undyed Strip Cloth - The Gambia
Ethiopian Gabi Cloth
image for Ethiopian Gabi Cloth
Tree Cotton Strip Cloth
image for Tree Cotton Strip Cloth
Bark Cloth
image for Bark Cloth
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