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Kits, Books, Threads & More

Maybe you're not sure what you're after, but you know that 'textiles' and 'Africa' are part of the equation. So look no further. Have a browse: you might find a quilt kit, bag kit or book that you just can't resist.

African Collectables & Artefacts photo

African Collectables & Artefacts

On our travels around Africa, we're always on the lookout for the unique and unusual - and not just textiles.

Here are some interesting artefacts that we just couldn't resist. Enjoy!

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Chameleon Hand-dyed Threads photo

Chameleon Hand-dyed Threads

Perle No 8 embroidery threads, hand-dyed in South Africa by Chameleon Threads.

The base thread is 100% mercerised cotton, manufactured in France by DMC.

Perfect for any hand embroidery application.

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Quilt Kits photo

Quilt Kits

'I really love your African fabrics, but what can I do with them?'

It's a common refrain and Magie usually replies, 'Cut 'em up and put 'em back together again.'

And that pretty much sums up our quilt kits. Magie designs some of them, but they are mostly by our friend - textile artist Helen Conway, who loves African fabrics.

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Bag Kits photo

Bag Kits

Our bag kits are designed exclusively for The African Fabric Shop by our friend Dorothy Deane.

Dot is crazy about bags and loves African fabrics. Her bags are easy to make and fantastic to look at. Try one!

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Jewellery Kits photo

Jewellery Kits

Our jewellery kits are designed exclusively for The African Fabric Shop by our friend Isobel Holland. Isobel  helps out in other ways as well, basically taking over the show when we're on the road in Africa.

Isobel is a talented and creative jewellery designer. Her kits are easy to make and really show off our handmade, recycled African beads.

Watch out for Isobel's occasional jewellery making workshops, as well.

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Books photo


'You know so much about African fabrics. You should write a book!'

That's what people kept saying. So we did. It's called African Wax Print: A Textile Journey and you can buy it right here on our website (much cheaper than Amazon!)

We also stock a few other hard to find, specialist titles about African textiles written by friends of ours like John Gillow and Christopher Spring, both recognised African textiles gurus.

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Mitumba Kenya Embroidery photo

Mitumba Kenya Embroidery

Magie's been to Kenya a couple of times in recent years as guest teacher for the Kenya Quilt Guild. Through the Guild, she met Christine Kibuka.

When Magie saw Christine's beautiful embroidered panels, she just had to have them for the shop. It took some convincing - Christine was worried her stitching wasn't good enough - but they really are lovely and now she can barely keep up with demand. Well done, Christine!

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Trashy Recycled Bags photo

Trashy Recycled Bags

If you've ever been to Africa or elsewhere in the developing world, you'll know that keeping the environment tidy is an unaffordable luxury. Eating comes first, cleaning up is way down the list.

Which is not to say that African's don't care about their environment: far from it. Witness Ghana's Trashy Bag project. Boys who would otherwise be unemployed scour the streets collecting discarded plastic water bags. After a thorough cleaning, Trashy Bag staff members then cut and sew these bags into these recycled products: Trashy Bags!

They're strong, durable, eco-friendly and very cool.

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Gift Vouchers photo

Gift Vouchers

£10, 20 and £50 pound values. Easy to buy, easy to redeem against any African Fabric Shop website purchase from anywhere in the world. And you can add an African greeting card for only £2.50.

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