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Jewellery Kits

Jewellery Kits : Designed by Isobel Holland

These fantastic kits by talented beaded jewellery artist Isobel Holland are a great way to use our wonderful Ghanaian beads.

All glass beads are handmade from recycled glass. Brass beads are handmade using the ancient 'lost wax' method. 

Kits include all the beads, cord and findings you need, plus easy to follow instructions.

How could it be any easier?

Isobel Holland - Jewellery Designer

Isobel Holland designs all of our beaded jewellery kits and teaches jewellery workshops at The African Fabric Shop.

Counters Necklace Kit
image for Counters Necklace Kit
Zulu Bracelet Kit
image for Zulu Bracelet Kit
Boti Necklace Kit
image for Boti Necklace Kit
from £9.90KJW114
Kofofrom Bracelet Kit
image for Kofofrom Bracelet Kit
from £8.20KJW113
Asona Bracelet Kit
image for Asona Bracelet Kit
Aburi Wrapped Bangle Kit
image for Aburi Wrapped Bangle Kit
from £6.10KJW101
Somanya Necklace Kit
image for Somanya Necklace Kit
from £12.90KJW102
Somanya Bracelet Kit
image for Somanya Bracelet Kit
from £7.20KJW103
Krobo Wrapped Cord Necklace Kit
image for Krobo Wrapped Cord Necklace Kit
Krobo Wrapped Cord Bracelet Kit
image for Krobo Wrapped Cord Bracelet Kit
Kumasi Star Necklace Kit
image for Kumasi Star Necklace Kit
Kibera Lariat Necklace Kit
image for Kibera Lariat Necklace Kit
from £16.40KJW111
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