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Trashy Recycled Bags

Eco-friendly bags made from recycled plastic water sachets in Ghana

Despite their 'Trashy' label, these bags are far from trashy.

Yes, they start out as trash: the discarded purified water sachets that litter West Africa.

But beyond that sad beginning, these bags are truly astounding.

  • Brilliant, practical designs
  • Light and flexible
  • Strong and durable
  • Washable
  • And very cool - at least we think so!

Plus: The Trashy Bag project now employs over 50 Ghanaians - most of them women.

Trashy Bag making processCollecting, scouring, cutting and sewing recycled water bags into useful and attractive Trashy Bags. Images © Tomas Prochazka for Trashy Bags, Ghana.

Trashy iPad Case
image for Trashy iPad Case
Trashy Smart Bag
image for Trashy Smart Bag
Trashy Shopper
image for Trashy Shopper
from £6.50TBG002
Trashy Purse
image for Trashy Purse
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