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COVID-19 Donations

Please help our suppliers and friends in Africa

The African Fabric Shop is not a charity.

It's a business run by Magie and Bob.

Normally, our ongoing business contributes to the livelihoods of our suppliers and their families.

You buy from us + we buy from them = a sustainable business model.

Now - as COVID-19 hits Africa - that model won't work on its own.

Why not?

Our suppliers also sell their products locally. But right now, much of Africa has joined the rest of us in lockdown. Once bustling markets are shut and travel - the lifeblood of commerce - has all but stopped.

Therefore, we're doing something we've never done before.

We're asking you for donations to help our suppliers and friends in Africa.

Meda ase. Jerre jeff.  Abaraka. Asante sana. Merci. Shukraan. Thank you.

How to donate

With your purchase
When you've finished shopping and go to Checkout, you can add a donation - £1, £5, £10 or £25 - to your shopping cart.

Without making a purchase 
Click on the Donation item below to add it to your shopping cart. Then proceed to Checkout. To give more, just increase the quantity.

COVID Donation £1
image for COVID Donation £1
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