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Recycled Trashy iPad / tablet case

You've seen our very COOL collection of Trashy Bags made from recycled plastic water bags. Now we have a new Trashy product: our equally COOL Trashy iPad / tablet case.

The Trashy story... quick version. Ghana is littered with plastic bags - especially small, non-biodegradable water sachets. Millions are sold, consumed and discarded every day. Enter eco-visionary and fair trade champion Stuart Gold and the 'trashy solution'. Pay otherwise unemployed youths to gather up the bags and scour them spotless. Train and employ otherwise unemployed women to sew the products and train young, ambitious Ghanaians to manage production and sales. How COOL is that? We love Trashy Bags for shopping, our iPad and more. Check 'em out

Laundry baskets back in stock

When we brought back our first batch of wopper-sized laundry baskets from Bolgatanga in northern Ghana, we were a bit sceptical: would they sell or not?

These baskets are big - as in VERY BIG. And because we pay top price for all of our baskets - ensuring the weavers get a good and fair return for their creative labour - these baskets are quite expensive.

But surprise, surprise. Our customers like them so much we can't replenish our stock quickly enough.

Check 'em out... but be quick: Bolga Laundry Baskets


Postcard from Sirigu © Magie Relph

Magie's Postcard Collection

Magie always tries to keep busy when we're on the road in Africa. To fill those long hours waiting for transport or queueing on borders, what does she do? She gets out her scraps of fabric and gets stitching!  Introducing Magie's Postcard Collection: small handstitched quilts she makes while we're travelling.

This one - Postcard from Sirigu - is Magie's interpretation of the painted house motifs in Sirigu village in northern Ghana.

View more from: Magie's Postcard Collection

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