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African Wax Prints

Traditional and contemporary African designs

When most people think of African fabrics, the first thing that comes to mind is these traditional African wax prints.

Traditional - because they've been sold in African markets since the industrial revolution and many of the original designs are still popular today.

Contemporary - because today's designers are creating new patterns to reflect modern tastes, as well as putting a contemporary spin on traditional designs.

All 100% cotton, most of these genuine wax prints are made in Ghana.

Fabrics are 115 cm / 45 in wide, approximately. Fat Quarters are 50 x 57 cm / 20 x 22 in, approximately.

Per Fat Quarter: £3.70     Per metre: £14.80

Also available

Our acclaimed book - African Wax Print: A Textile Journey

From the ABC wax print works in Manchester - Vintage Printing Blocks

"Fascinating... a major step forward in telling the tale of African wax prints." John Gillow - textiles collector and author of African Textiles: Colour and Creativity Across a Continent.

Wax Print Adventure Pack
image for Wax Print Adventure Pack
from £17.50AWX001
Wax Print Adventure Pack Indigo
image for Wax Print Adventure Pack Indigo
from £17.50AWX002
Wax Print Duotone Adventure Pack
image for Wax Print Duotone Adventure Pack
from £17.50AWD001
Big Bang
image for Big Bang
image for Curlicue
Double Diamond
image for Double Diamond
image for Pleats
Blue Lightning
image for Blue Lightning
Skin Green
image for Skin Green
The Reveal
image for The Reveal
image for Dazzle
image for Pocket
image for Laces
image for Chrysanthemum
New Fine Trail Indigo
image for New Fine Trail Indigo
Skin Indigo
image for Skin Indigo
Papillon Indigo
image for Papillon Indigo
Ribbons Indigo
image for Ribbons Indigo
Backgammon Indigo
image for Backgammon Indigo
Snail Indigo
image for Snail Indigo
Four Square Indigo
image for Four Square Indigo
Spyro Gyro
image for Spyro Gyro
Loose Radical
image for Loose Radical
image for Funky
Cricket Balls
image for Cricket Balls
Shadow Garden
image for Shadow Garden
image for Rosette
image for Maroc
image for Impression
image for Tofali
Maroc II
image for Maroc II
image for Feathers
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