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Hand-dyed African Batiks

Hand-dyed in West Africa

Most of our hand-dyed  batiks come from Ghana and The Gambia. Over the years we have developed wonderful friendships with many talented local dyers and batik artists.

We try to identify each fabric with the maker's name and many of our customers come back looking for fabrics by specific dyers.

All fabrics are 100% cotton. Some are a subtly woven damask; others are plain-weave cotton, as indicated.

Fabrics are 115 cm / 45 in wide, approximately. Fat Quarters are 50 x 55 cm / 20 x 22 in, approximately.

Per Fat Quarter: £4.50     Per metre: £18.00

Grace Adover batik studio AccraApplying wax to batik at Grace Adover's workshop: Accra, Ghana

Batik Adventure Pack
image for Batik Adventure Pack
from £21.50ABA001
Batik Adventure Pack Jungle
image for Batik Adventure Pack Jungle
from £21.50ABA003
Batik Adventure Pack Savannah
image for Batik Adventure Pack Savannah
from £21.50ABA004
Batik Adventure Pack River
image for Batik Adventure Pack River
from £21.50ABA005
Moudou 284
image for Moudou 284
Beta 291
image for Beta 291
Esther 293
image for Esther 293
Esther 295
image for Esther 295
Esther 296
image for Esther 296
Esther 297
image for Esther 297
Esther 298
image for Esther 298
Esther 299
image for Esther 299
Grace 301
image for Grace 301
Grace 302
image for Grace 302
Grace 303
image for Grace 303
Esther 307
image for Esther 307
Esther 309 New
image for Esther 309
Esther 310 New
image for Esther 310
Esther 311 New
image for Esther 311
Esther 312 New
image for Esther 312
Esther 313 New
image for Esther 313
Esther 314 New
image for Esther 314
Esther 315 New
image for Esther 315
Esther 316 New
image for Esther 316
Esther 317 New
image for Esther 317
Esther 319 New
image for Esther 319
Mercy 320 New
image for Mercy 320
Neneh 321 New
image for Neneh 321
Moudou 322 New
image for Moudou 322
Moudou 323 New
image for Moudou 323
Betta 324 New
image for Betta 324
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