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Shwe Shwe Colours

Shwe Shwe Colours from South Africa

Perfect for patchwork!

The African Fabric Shop is the biggest importer - with the biggest choice - of Shwe Shwe fabric in the UK and Europe.

These great new colourways add a whole new spectrum of possibilities to traditional Shwe Shwe fabrics from South Africa.

Look for the genuine 'Three Cats' logo on the back - just like the original Shwe Shwe fabrics that were born in Manchester but are now 100% South African. The colour label for each fabric - i.e. purple, turquoise, etc. - refers to the base colour of the fabric before printing.

All fabrics are 100% cotton. Because these fabrics are starched in the factory - that's the tradition - they are quite stiff when new. After washing they are lovely and soft and easy to work with.

Fabrics are 90 cm / 36 in wide, approximately. Fat Quarters are 50 x 45 cm / 18 x 20 in, approximately.

Per Fat Quarter: £2.80     Per metre: £11.20

3 Cats logo label

The famous Three Cats logo guarantees the real thing: genuine Shwe Shwe colours by Da Gama Textiles in South Africa

I'll Have Them All Colours
image for I'll Have Them All Colours
Shwe Shwe Adventure All The Colours
image for Shwe Shwe Adventure All The Colours
from £15.40ASC002
Shwe Shwe Adventure Purple/Pink
image for Shwe Shwe Adventure Purple/Pink
from £13.00ASC004
Shwe Shwe Adventure Purple
image for Shwe Shwe Adventure Purple
from £13.00ASC005
Shwe Shwe Adventure Turquoise
image for Shwe Shwe Adventure Turquoise
from £13.00ASC006
Shwe Shwe Adventure Pink
image for Shwe Shwe Adventure Pink
from £13.00ASC007
Shwe Shwe Adventure Pumpkin/Red
image for Shwe Shwe Adventure Pumpkin/Red
from £13.00ASC008
Shwe Shwe Adventure Pumpkin/Scarlet/Turquoise Lime
image for Shwe Shwe Adventure Pumpkin/Scarlet/Turquoise Lime
from £13.00ASC009
Plain Pink
image for Plain Pink
Cosmos Pink Black
image for Cosmos Pink Black
Ceedee Pink Black
image for Ceedee Pink Black
Criss Cross Pink Black
image for Criss Cross Pink Black
Plain Turquoise
image for Plain Turquoise
Diamond Dots Turquoise Black
image for Diamond Dots Turquoise Black
Kaleidoscope Turquoise Black
image for Kaleidoscope Turquoise Black
Halo Turquoise Black
image for Halo Turquoise Black
Criss Cross Turquoise Black
image for Criss Cross Turquoise Black
Seed Turquoise Black
image for Seed Turquoise Black
Infinity Turquoise Black
image for Infinity Turquoise Black
Sparkler Turquoise Black
image for Sparkler Turquoise Black
Bobble Turquoise Lime
image for Bobble Turquoise Lime
Feather Turquoise Lime
image for Feather Turquoise Lime
Dotty Turquoise Lime
image for Dotty Turquoise Lime
Honeycomb Turquoise Lime
image for Honeycomb Turquoise Lime
Cornflower Turquoise Lime
image for Cornflower Turquoise Lime
Plain Scarlet
image for Plain Scarlet
Poppy Scarlet Gold
image for Poppy Scarlet Gold
Dotty Scarlet Gold
image for Dotty Scarlet Gold
Cascade Scarlet Gold
image for Cascade Scarlet Gold
Ceedee Purple Black
image for Ceedee Purple Black
Mandala Purple Black
image for Mandala Purple Black
Rose Purple Black
image for Rose Purple Black
Criss Cross Purple Pumpkin
image for Criss Cross Purple Pumpkin
Infinity Purple Pumpkin
image for Infinity Purple Pumpkin
Starburst Purple Pumpkin
image for Starburst Purple Pumpkin
Mandala Green Gold
image for Mandala Green Gold
Plain Indigo
image for Plain Indigo
Octagon Navy Turquoise
image for Octagon Navy Turquoise
Eyelet Navy Turquoise
image for Eyelet Navy Turquoise
Plain Pumpkin
image for Plain Pumpkin
Owl Pumpkin Green
image for Owl Pumpkin Green
Eyelet Pumpkin Green
image for Eyelet Pumpkin Green
Brick Pumpkin Green
image for Brick Pumpkin Green
Infinity Pumpkin Green
image for Infinity Pumpkin Green
Arabesque Pumpkin Green
image for Arabesque Pumpkin Green
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