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Shells & Natural Beads

Handmade shell and stone beads

Africans have always adorned themselves with shells and other natural materials and that tradition is still strong today.

Take, for example, the humble cowrie shell. It's used in jewellery and as an embellishment on textiles. Historically, it's been used as money. In fact, the Ghanaian currency - the Cedi - actually means 'cowrie'.

Also in Ghana, stone beads carved from bauxite are both ceremonial and practical: pregnant women wear bauxite beads as protection against evil words.

Bead size and scale

As a visual clue to the size and scale of our beads, we are phasing in a Star beer cap in our bead images. Why Star? Because it's the major beer of Ghana where most of our beads are made. Also, on the buy pages, we indicate approximate bead dimensions in millimetres.

Drilling bauxite beads Abombe GhanaAsanti Amishade drilling bauxite stone beads: Abompe, Ghana
Multi-buy saving - Mix 'n' Match

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Applies to all £2.30 packs of beads. Your discount will be applied automatically at the checkout.

Nature's Treasure Bag
image for Nature's Treasure Bag
Cowrie Shells
image for Cowrie Shells
Small Scallop Shells
image for Small Scallop Shells
Shell Beads
image for Shell Beads
Coconut Shell
image for Coconut Shell
Terracotta Seed Bead
image for Terracotta Seed Bead
Very Large Stone
image for Very Large Stone
Medium Stone
image for Medium Stone
Spindle Whorl
image for Spindle Whorl
from £1.00BSH018
Small Carved
image for Small Carved
Medium Carved
image for Medium Carved
Terracotta Clay - Large
image for Terracotta Clay - Large
from £1.00BSH201
Terracotta Clay - Small
image for Terracotta Clay - Small
Black Clay - Large
image for Black Clay - Large
from £2.10BSH203
Black Clay - Small
image for Black Clay - Small
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