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Amafu South African Hand-dyes

Hand-dyed and handscreened in South African

These fantastic, colourful fabrics are hand-dyed and handscreened by Hanlie Burger and her team in the sunny climate of Durban.

We're sure you'll agree that Hanlie's colours and designs are truly inspiring.

All fabrics are 100% South African export quality cotton.

Fabrics are 150 cm / 59 in wide, approximately. Fat Quarters are 50 x 75 cm / 20 x 29 in, approximately.

Per Fat Quarter: £5.70     Per metre: £22.80

Amafu screen prints from South AfricaAmafu South African hand-dyes: a full spectrum of colours and great designs

Amafu Adventure Pack Rainbow
image for Amafu Adventure Pack Rainbow
from £22.80AMM003
Amafu Adventure Pack Earth
image for Amafu Adventure Pack Earth
from £11.50AAM001
Amafu Adventure Pack Water
image for Amafu Adventure Pack Water
from £11.50AAM002
Bushman Earth
image for Bushman Earth
Bold Animals Rainbow
image for Bold Animals Rainbow
Bold Animals Ochre
image for Bold Animals Ochre
Heffalump Rainbow Ghost
image for Heffalump Rainbow Ghost
Heffalump Dappled Pond
image for Heffalump Dappled Pond
Criss Cross Olive
image for Criss Cross Olive
Guinea Fowl Rainbow
image for Guinea Fowl Rainbow
Fine Animals Dark Turquoise
image for Fine Animals Dark Turquoise
Fine Birds Malachite
image for Fine Birds Malachite
Fine Birds Mustard
image for Fine Birds Mustard
Fine Animals Orange
image for Fine Animals Orange
Fish Dappled Water
image for Fish Dappled Water
Froggy Orange Pink Ghost
image for Froggy Orange Pink Ghost
Geometric Blue
image for Geometric Blue
Geometric Navy Orange
image for Geometric Navy Orange
New Animals Tan
image for New Animals Tan
Guinea Fowl Umber
image for Guinea Fowl Umber
New Animals Purple
image for New Animals Purple
Circus Candy
image for Circus Candy
Devils Yam
image for Devils Yam
Bold Animals Dark Turquoise
image for Bold Animals Dark Turquoise
Froggy Blue
image for Froggy Blue
Circus Blue/Yellow
image for Circus Blue/Yellow
Fish Blue/Orange Gold Overlay
image for Fish Blue/Orange Gold Overlay
Fine Animals Moss
image for Fine Animals Moss
New Animals Turquoise
image for New Animals Turquoise
New Animals Blue
image for New Animals Blue
Geometric Sand Ghost
image for Geometric Sand Ghost
Geometric Red Ghost
image for Geometric Red Ghost
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