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Current shopping and delivery info

4 Jan 2021: We're back to work - socially distanced, of course.

Jenny's in the shop packing and posting your orders as quickly as she can. Please remember, though: postal and courier services are still handling huge volumes of packages, including a post-Christmas backlog - all while coping with the effects of COVID on their people and ways of working.

Please be patient. We send packages by the method you choose when you place your order. If you have special requirements, please email us for a quote.

Meanwhile, Magie and Bob are working from home on new products, website updates and -  until we can travel again - keeping the supply lines open with our makers and friends all across Africa.

Current shopping info

  • Online shopping only. Shop closed to visitors until further notice. More...

Kudhinda screenprints: just arrived from Zimbabwe

Replenishing our fabric stocks has been a real challenge in the year of COVID.

So we're jumping with joy with the arrival - at last! - or our shipment of Kudhinda fabrics.

Kudhinda fabrics are designed by Ros Byrne and produced by her expert team of printers in her Harare studio.

Kudhinda is Shona for 'press, stamp or print'. Kudhinda fabrics reflect the strength, colour and pattern of southern African design. Kudhinda is committed to fair trade principles. 

All fabrics are 100% sheeting weight cotton, suitable for crafts and upholstery. Weight: 260 grams per metre, approximately.

View and buy: Kudhinda Zimbabwe screenprints

Check out our popular Kudhinda Zig Zag bag kit, available in three stunning colourways.

NEW mud cloths: plenty to choose from

Go for a detailed black/white design. Or a mixed mud cloth: terracotta, ochre and black painted onto white. The choice is yours.

Mud cloth is made only in Mali by both the Bamana and Dogon people.

Narrow strips of handwoven cotton are stitched together into a whole cloth, then painted with patterns and symbols using a variety of natural dyes, including river mud that has been aged up to one year. As these cloths are handwoven, the thickness and weight are variable, but generally they are similar to a light blanket.

Most mud cloths measure about 100 x 170 cm / 40 x 66 inches.

View and buy: Genuine Mud Cloth from Mali

Right now we have plenty in stock. But becasue they are so hard to get, they usually sell quite quickly.

Also new: Magie has cut down some full-size cloths into smaller pieces - perfect for making a cushion cover or similar furnishing application. Here's a beautiful example: WMU559 Mud Cloth Piece

Clockwise from top left: Niafunke Turquoise Orange furnishing fabric | Dogon Valley Cushion Cover by Jenny Hall | Koro furnishing fabric | Green Dream Lampshade by Jenny Hall

NEW African furnishing fabrics & African home decor by Jenny Hall

Jenny's background and passion for design has taken us in some exciting new directions lately.

We've really sharpened our focus on African home decor.

Our latest shipment from Ghana is unpacked and on the website NOW.

View and buy: our latest African furnishing fabrics

And just in time for Christmas, check out Jenny's creations on our new African home decor page

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