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Left: Special Collection batik FBN735 by Grace Adover
Right: Special Collection batik FBN738 by Grace Adover

Latest Special Collection batiks : perfect for dressmaking

Sometimes - even for a quilter like Magie - cutting a really special batik into fat quarters is almost sinful.

As a whole piece of 2 to 5 metres, say - these designs and colours take you to another level.

Quite simply, they cry out to be worn.

That's why we set these special fabrics aside for our Special Collection batiks

Check 'em out.

Artist Soro Navaga, Fakaha village near Korhogo. © Robert Irwin

Korhogo cloths: hard to find, harder to get

Genuine handpainted Korhogo cloths are getting increasingly difficult to get our hands on.

We haven't been to Korhogo in person for over two years now.

To the big picture of transport and border problems caused by the pandemic, now add the risk of banditry on the routes to northern Côte d'Ivoire. Our contacts say it's just too dangerous these days.

Now the good news... Thanks to our ever-resourceful connection in Accra, we've just received a big bag of marvellous Korhogo cloths. Thanks, Eric!

Various sizes and designs online now: Korhogo cloths from Côte d'Ivoire

  • These striking, picturesque Korhogo cloths are ideal as wallhangings.
  • If you're a creative stitcher, you can use Korhogo to make your own fashion items, such as jackets, coats, waistcoats, bags, etc.

Read all about Korhogo cloth:

 Magie and I arrived in Korhogo on a mission: to find, document and buy the eponymous textile of the region -  handpainted Korhogo cloth. We left with bag-loads of cloth and this story. It stars two local artisans and Pablo Picasso.

Read and print the full story... you'll be amazed!


Vintage Fulani blanket

From time to time we get lucky and the Vintage & Collectable African Textiles we have in the shop are extra special.

Genuine Fulani khaasa blankets like this one are getting quite rare and hard to find.

These unique blankets come from the region of the Niger River bend, either in Niger or Mali.

Fulani blankets are handwoven, usually combining a cotton weft with sheep's wool warp. The motifs - which all bear Fulani names and appear Moorish - are arranged into bands  across the cloth.

Quite heavy. Great as a bed cover, throw or wallhanging.

Approximate size: 130 x 227 cm / 51 x 89 inches

View and buy: Vintage Fulani blanket

More: Vintage & Collectable African Textiles

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