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We've revamped our website menu with a new category called More Stuff. That's where you'll now find African Home DecorAfrican Collectables & Artefacts | Hand-dyed Threads | + all of our Kits, Books and more...

Top: Christmas themed fat quarter bundles in red and green
Bottom: Christmas hampers

NEW Christmas Ideas page 

Looking for inspiration this Christmas?

We're on it!

  • Christmas Hampers - Bolga baskets full of fabrics, beads, threads and treats
  • Christmas themed fat quarter bundles
  • Home decor creations by Jenny Hall
  • Gift items from Africa

We'll be adding new items to this page in the weeks before Christmas.

Go there right now: Christmas Ideas page

Clockwise from top left: Niafunke Turquoise Orange furnishing fabric | Dogon Valley Cushion Cover by Jenny Hall | Koro furnishing fabric | Green Dream Lampshade by Jenny Hall

NEW African furnishing fabrics & African home decor by Jenny Hall

Jenny's background and passion for design has taken us in some exciting new directions lately.

We've really sharpened our focus on African home decor.

Our latest shipment from Ghana is unpacked and on the website NOW.

View and buy: our latest African furnishing fabrics

And just in time for Christmas, check out Jenny's creations on our new African home decor page

View and buy latest wax prints:
Clockwise from top left: Spiral. | Fertility Lime Turquoise | Flutter | Fertility Turquoise Yellow

NEW African wax prints just arrived from Ghana

Crazy COVID, lockdown crazies and crazy WhatsApp shopping sprees.

That's what this crazy year has been like for us.

Our marvellous friend Felicia - religiously wearing her mask and social distancing - has been zooming around Accra for us and WhatsApping back to Magie as they worked to select our latest collection of African wax print fabrics.

We've just unpacked the shipment and got all the new designs up on the website in record time.

Thanks, Felicia. We couldn't have done it without you.

View and buy: African wax print fabrics

Kenyan kikoy: Go bright or subtle. Wear as a wrapper or cover a cushion pad on your garden bench.

NEW Kenyan kikoy just arrived: more than just a wrapper

Our Kenya supply chain has come through again: thanks, Gretchen.

Bob was photographing yesterday and today - presto! - some great new kikoy are on the website NOW.

We never leave home without a couple of these soft, versatile cloths in our bag. They're multi-colour and very multi-use.

  • Comfortable wrapper... Check.
  • Picnic or beach blanket... Of course.
  • Shawl or scarf... Certainly.
  • Table cloth or runner... Absolutely.
  • Wallhanging... Why not?
  • Or use your imagination!

View and buy: Kenyan Kikoy

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