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Why did Picasso go to Korhogo? To study cloths like this one. View and buy: This Korhogo cloth

What do Pablo Picasso, Magie Relph and Bob Irwin all have in common?

We've all been to the remote village of Fakaha near Korhogo in the far north of Côte d'Ivoire.


To study and document the artists working there to handpaint their fascinating local cloth called - you guessed it - Korhogo.

We've got some great new Korhogo cloths on the website now. Each one is a totally unique work of art.

View and buy: Korhogo cloth from Côte d'Ivoire

Read and print story: Korhogo © Robert Irwin

Bob reckons this one of the most striking mud cloths he's ever seen. And it's huge! View and buy: This mud cloth

NEW and rare: very large mud cloths now on website

Bob's been busy photographing our latest mud cloths - a BIG job when you consider how BIG some of them are.

How big is big?

We're talking up to 2.25 metres x 1.7 metres!

Of course, we also have plenty of new regular-sized mud cloths as well. But be quick: each one is a unique creation. There's only one.

View and buy: Mud Cloth from Mali

Read and print story Bogolan: Artistry in Mud

© Robert Irwin and Magie Relph

Dive into our new Art-I-San furnishing fabrics: designed by San Bushmen artists in Namibia, handprinted by Kalk Bay Modern in South Africa

San Bushmen designs inspire our latest furnishing collection from South Africa

Where ever we venture on our African journeys, we're always searching for something new and exciting.

We're just back from South Africa - where we struck textile gold with a stunning range of furnishing fabrics.

The limited edition Art-I-San fabrics are slightly heavier - ideal for furnishing applications.

Designed by San Bushmen artists in Namibia. Handprinted in South Africa by Kalk Bay Modern. 100% cotton.

Plus: the beauty is not just in the fabrics. The San artists are paid proper royalties for their designs.

We love 'em. We're sure you will too!

View and buy: Art-I-San furnishing fabrics

Top: Musa's indigo vat and dyeing with kola nut. Bottom: New indigo and kola nut fabrics now on website.

NEW page on website: Hand-dyed Indigos

We're back from The Gambia with a trunk load - literally! - of Musa's wonderful hand-dyed fabrics.

When we unpacked the trunk and saw how many different designs we now have in stock, we decided a bit of re-organising would not go amiss.

NEW page on website: all of Musa's indigo hand-dyed fabrics together

Updated page: all of Musa's kola nut and indigo fabrics, including his latest creations


What makes World Textile Day GREAT?

Watch the video of World Textile Day Wales in Llanidloes, March 2019. Beware: the cakes are as tempting as the textiles!

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