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Online Christmas shopping at The African Fabric Shop

  • Friday 20 December: last official Royal Mail posting day for UK First Class post, delivery for Christmas.
  • Monday 23 December: we will be in the shop and posting out orders by midday. Royal Mail does not guarantee delivery for Christmas.
  • Friday 3 January: our first posting day in 2020.

Website open throughout Christmas holidays
You can continue browsing and shopping online right through the Christmas holidays - of course! We'll be busy updating the website with fabrics from our latest travels to Ghana and The Gambia.

Our latest Shop Open Day: 30 November 2019

Shop open for Christmas shopping

We've never done this before, but right after we get back from The Gambia you can shop in person at the shop!

  • Wednesday 18 December, 12 - 7 pm
  • Friday 20 December, 12 - 7 pm
  • Monday 23 December, 12 - 4 pm

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Musa, Magie and ward nurse Christine inspect latest renovations at Sukuta Health Centre in The Gambia

Generous angels help Musa’s clinic: Quilt Sale update

Despite a slow start sales-wise on day one of our annual Online Quilt Sale to raise money for Sukuta Health Centre in The Gambia, we did receive several cash donations from visitors to the shop - including a very substantial sum from two anonymous angels who appeared virtually from nowhere.

From the staff and volunteers at Sukuta Health Centre, ‘Thank you ALL for your heartfelt concern for our clinic and patients.’

Sale continues with gradual price reductions

We want to raise as much as possible for the clinic. That means selling as many of the donated pieces as we can.

Therefore, as the sale progresses through December, we will gradually reduce the prices on many items. If you wait a bit, you could grab a real bargain.

But there is a risk: somebody might snap up your chosen item at a higher price while you wait!

BUY NOW and support Musa’s clinic

Welcome to the African Fabric Shop

Magie Relph and Bob Irwin travel extensively all over Africa searching out fabulous textiles, beads and baskets.

Every time we unpack our bags, we add new temptations to the website. Enjoy!

We are co-organisers of eight World Textile Days around the UK in 2020.

Giraffe Story wallhanging kit © Alison Farmer and Magie Relph

Launching our NEW 'Giraffe Story' wallhanging kit

Alison's really got the bug... that pernicious 'I just have to design a new kit for the African Fabric Shop' bug.

Following up on her best-selling Elephant Story kit and her earlier A Day Out in Kruger kit, here's Alison's latest creation.

It tells the story of how the giraffe got its long neck... but you have to buy the kit to find out!

Includes full easy-to-follow instructions and patterns.

View and buy: Giraffe Story  wallhanging kit

Elephant Story wallhanging kit © Alison Farmer and Magie Relph

NEW 'Elephant Story' wallhanging kit

Created by our pal Alison Farmer, our new Elephant Story wallhanging kit tells the story of why elephants love to eat mopane leaves... but you have to buy the kit to find out!

Includes full easy-to-follow instructions and patterns.

View and buy: Elephant Story wallhanging kit

Our latest Bolga Laundry Baskets + Fans galore + NEW Baby Moses Baskets! 

NEW arrivals from Bolgatanga, Ghana

Our Bolga baskets come from the best weavers in Bolga via our basket guru and treasured friend Gregory MacCarthy.

Greg has lived in Bolgatanga for 15 years, working closely with the weavers on the big issues:

  • Design
  • Colour
  • And above all else - QUALITY

We've got some great NEW baskets on the website, including:

Baby Moses baskets - only a few so be quick

Giant Laundry Baskets - beautiful and practical

Bolga Fans - beat the heat!

Langa Lapu Rainbow fabrics: handmade sunprints from South Africa

NEW Langa Lapu sunprint fabric from South Africa

Wow! These are truly amazing.

  • Start with top quality 100% cotton fabrics
  • + local South African vegetation - ferns, leaves, you name it
  • + colour - from vivacious and vibrant to muted and moody
  • + South African sunshine
  • + the creativity of Pru Bolus and her team

And presto: our latest Langa Lapu sunprints. Available by the metre and Fat Quarter. Plus - as shown:

Langa Lapu Rainbow

And Langa Lapu Dark Rainbow

WKP113 - Kudhinda potato print wallhanging

NEW Kudhinda 'potato print' wallhangings from Zimbabwe

If you love our inspiring and colourful range of Kudhinda screenprints from Zimbabwe, you're sure to love our latest additions - just arrived from Ros Byrne's studio in Harare.

Initially Ros's team used real potatoes to delicately stamp the designs by hand, but these days handcut rubber stamps are more efficient.

View and buy: Kudhinda potato print wallhangings

What makes World Textile Day GREAT?

Watch the video of World Textile Day Wales in Llanidloes, March 2019. Beware: the cakes are as tempting as the textiles!

Can we bring the shop to you? Magie and Bob at World Textile Day in Frodsham, 2018

We'd love to come to your group

Have you noticed we've cut down on the big shows? We've only got Festival of Quilts left. Here's why.

From our World Textile Days, we've discovered something important about running a small scale, fair trade business. We're not just selling fabrics, beads and baskets. We're communicating our experiences and our passion for what we do directly to you.

So instead of big shows, we'd rather bring our mobile shop to you. These types of events are perfect for what we're talking about:

  • Guild regional and area days
  • Quilt groups
  • Embroiderers' Guilds
  • Spinners, Weavers and Dyers Guilds
  • Textile and costume groups

Invite Magie as a speaker and we'll bring the shop with us!

More info: Talks by Magie Relph

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