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Clockwise from top left: Platters, Eternal Paisley, Red Sunflowers and English Mustard

NEW African prints - Woodin and Da Viva

Are we excited about our latest buy of African prints?

You bet we are!

All 100% cotton and 100% Ghanaian: made by Ghana Textile Producers - GTP - and Akosombo Textiles Ltd - ATL.

Go ahead...

Get browsing!

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Clockwise from top left: Bourem Tangerine, Timbuktu Black, Kayes Grey and Kidal Blue

NEW African furnishing fabrics from Ghana

Last year we experimented with these superb furnishing weight fabrics from the Bogolan collection by Woodin.

Wow - were they ever popular!

In fact, Magie used some offcuts to re-upholster the six chairs around our dining table. Marvellous!

On our most recent Ghana junket we were delighted to find more terrific designs and more great colour combinations.

They're just that little bit heaveier - perfect for most furnishing applications.

View and buy: African furnishing fabrics

Magie - assisted by Soloman - choosing our latest African wax print fabrics in Accra

NEW African wax print fabrics from Ghana

We've just unpacked our shipment and we have to say, 'Wow!'

Our latest selection of genuine made-in-Ghana wax prints has everything you cherish in Africa's most dynamic fashion fabric:

  • Bold and vibrant colour combinations
  • Irresistible designs
  • Excellent wax print quality - 100% cotton

All thanks to Perpetual - our favourite wax print vendor in Accra's Makola market.

View and buy: African wax print fabrics

Korhogo cloth: handpainted using natural dyes and mordants

Back from Côte d'Ivoire with NEW Korhogo cloths for Christmas

We travelled far for these unique, traditional handpainted cloths: through the cotton and cashew fields to the remote village of Fakaha in northern Côte d'Ivoire.

Was it worth that long and dusty journey? Absolutely!

View and buy: Korhogo Cloths

Read all about: Korhogo © Robert Irwin. Published by The Quilters' Guild in The Quilter, Issue 154, Spring 2018.

Can we bring the shop to you? Magie and Bob at World Textile Day in Frodsham, 2018

We'd love to come to your group

Have you noticed we've cut down on the big shows? We've only got Festival of Quilts left. Here's why.

From our World Textile Days, we've discovered something important about running a small scale, fair trade business. We're not just selling fabrics, beads and baskets. We're communicating our experiences and our passion for what we do directly to you.

So instead of big shows, we'd rather bring our mobile shop to you. These types of events are perfect for what we're talking about:

  • Guild regional and area days
  • Quilt groups
  • Embroiderers' Guilds
  • Spinners, Weavers and Dyers Guilds
  • Textile and costume groups

Invite Magie as a speaker and we'll bring the shop with us!

More info: Talks by Magie Relph

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