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Magie with Perpetual, our amazing wax print supplier in Accra. Plus, two of our great new designs: Fractures and Air Afrique Indigo

Totally amazing NEW wax prints online NOW

When we're in Accra one of our first stops is bustling and brilliant Makola Market.

Makola is teeming with commerce: everything from bras to bicycle seats - and millions of miles of irresistable fabrics.

That's where we find Perpetual - our favourite wax print supplier. We don't know how she does it, but she seems to have a jump on all the other sellers. Her genuine African wax prints - all made in Ghana - are the best.

Check out our great new designs. Get 'em while their hot!

View and buy: African wax print fabrics and African wax print indigos

Jenny's 'No Sew' Lampshade: how cool is that?

No Sew Lampshade Workshop

Wednesday 26 February : evening : 7 pm - 8.30 pm

Here's Jenny's take on what makes a great workshop:

  • Laid back
  • Comfortable
  • Friendly
  • Helpful
  • Enthusiastic
  •  Inspiring
  • Productive
  • Affordable
  • And not too long!

In her No Sew Lampshade Workshop, you'll use African fabric to turn a mundane lampshade into a work of art.

Fee: £30. Includes all the materials you need to make one lampshade measuring 30 cm diameter x 20 cm high.

Venue: African Fabric Shop

Book now: No Sew Lampshade Workshop

Jenny and Magie with Neneh and her granddaughter on our recent trip to The Gambia.  Plus, on the left: one of Neneh's newest handpainted batiks. And on the right: one of Esther's handmade batiks from Ghana.

Home again - briefly - from West Africa with stunning NEW batiks

2019 ended with the usual chaos of two successful buying trips, first to Ghana and then to The Gambia - where Jenny honed in like a laser on Neneh's eye-watering handpainted batiks!

Bob has just updated the website with all new batiks.

So pile in there and grab the best ones first.

View and buy: Neneh's handpainted batiks from The Gambia

View and buy: Hand-dyed batiks from Ghana

Bob modeling an Ashanti Kente cloth. On the left: detail of a marvellous Ewe Kente cloth we just brought back from Ghana. And yes, it's for sale! 

Just back from West Africa with NEW vintage & collectable textiles

Sometimes - actually, quite a lot of the time - as we shmooze around markets in West Africa, we stumble on wonderful textiles that we just have to buy. You get it, right?

Then when we get home, we realise the house is already full and we have to off-load some.

Which is how we came to create the page on our website called:

Vintage & collectable African textiles

Browsing is permitted!

Musa, Magie and ward nurse Christine inspect latest renovations at Sukuta Health Centre in The Gambia

£3,048 raised for Musa’s clinic

Amazing! YOU - our loyal customers and devoted fans of African fabrics - splashed out  very nicely on our annual online quilt sale to raise money for Sukuta Health Centre in The Gambia. Along with several substantial cash donations, the total raised was £3,048.

From the staff and volunteers at Sukuta Health Centre, ‘Thank you ALL for your heartfelt concern for our clinic and patients.’

Our next online quilt sale to support Sukuta Health Centre will be in the summer of 2021.

That gives our makers plenty of time to create some totally irresistible quilts that will sell like hotcakes.

What makes World Textile Day GREAT?

Watch the video of World Textile Day Wales in Llanidloes, March 2019. Beware: the cakes are as tempting as the textiles!

Can we bring the shop to you? Magie and Bob at World Textile Day in Frodsham, 2018

We'd love to come to your group

Have you noticed we've cut down on the big shows? We've only got Festival of Quilts left. Here's why.

From our World Textile Days, we've discovered something important about running a small scale, fair trade business. We're not just selling fabrics, beads and baskets. We're communicating our experiences and our passion for what we do directly to you.

So instead of big shows, we'd rather bring our mobile shop to you. These types of events are perfect for what we're talking about:

  • Guild regional and area days
  • Quilt groups
  • Embroiderers' Guilds
  • Spinners, Weavers and Dyers Guilds
  • Textile and costume groups

Invite Magie as a speaker and we'll bring the shop with us!

More info: Talks by Magie Relph

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