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From top left: Magie and Jenny love their batiks; Magie's reuphostered chair set off by mud cloth; Magie wearing hand-dyed indigo by Musa Jaiteh

NEW ideas for YOU: decor and fashion

We hear it all the time... 'I love your fabrics but I don't know what to do with them.'

To give you some ideas, we've created two new pages on the website.

Stimulating ideas for your home: African Decor

Africa adorned: African Fashion

A Day Out in Kruger in Dawn Colourway © Alison Farmer and Magie Relph

NEW quilt kit: A Day Out in Kruger

We love Kruger National Park in South Africa. So do our pals Alison and Graham.

Alison - you may already know this - is a talented and prolific quilter. Recently she took a shine to our fantastic range of Shwe Shwe Colours fabric from South Africa. And a few days later, presto: our newest quilt kit was born. 

Available in two colourways:

They're both stunning! Oh, 'Thanks, Alison.'

Painting mud beads in Côte d'IvoireDambili Mamouri painting mud beads: Kapele, Côte d'Ivoire

NEW mud beads back in website

The village of Kapele in northern Côte d'Ivoire is a long way from anywhere. Before we went there, we'd  never even heard of it and we had no idea about the totally unique and wonderful mud beads made by Kapele's local artisans.

On our first visit to Kapele we bought as many beads as we could. When we got them home, they sold out in no time.

We just had to go back for more, of course. Check out our latest collection - while they last, that is!

View and buy: Handmade mud beads from Côte d'Ivoire

What makes World Textile Day GREAT?

Watch the video of World Textile Day Wales in Llanidloes, March 2019. Beware: the cakes are as tempting as the textiles!

Can we bring the shop to you? Magie and Bob at World Textile Day in Frodsham, 2018

We'd love to come to your group

Have you noticed we've cut down on the big shows? We've only got Festival of Quilts left. Here's why.

From our World Textile Days, we've discovered something important about running a small scale, fair trade business. We're not just selling fabrics, beads and baskets. We're communicating our experiences and our passion for what we do directly to you.

So instead of big shows, we'd rather bring our mobile shop to you. These types of events are perfect for what we're talking about:

  • Guild regional and area days
  • Quilt groups
  • Embroiderers' Guilds
  • Spinners, Weavers and Dyers Guilds
  • Textile and costume groups

Invite Magie as a speaker and we'll bring the shop with us!

More info: Talks by Magie Relph

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