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Zoom Colours Day: 24 April @ 10.00 & 17.00 hr BST

Award-winning stitched textile artist Janice Gunner will join us live via Zoom to discuss working with colour in the context of creating with textiles.

Book your FREE Zoom place now: 24 Apr @ 10.00 BST OR 17.00 BST

Also 24 April: we'll launch our new website pages focusing on Colour

As part of our Zoom Colours Day, we'll be bringing together fabrics from across our website and across Africa into colour themes like Sunrise, Rainforest, Savannah, River, Pure Indigo, Sunset and Night.

Choosing colours and fabrics could never be easier.

Choosing baskets in Bolga: Pat Archibald helps Bob and Okalah make our selections

Pick your perfect Bolga basket

Spring is the perfect time to sort out your studio, sewing room, allotment, or what ever. So, some handy tips to help you choose.

Step 1 - What shape?

Round market baskets

  • One leather bound handle
  • Multiple sizes for multiple uses
  • Great for shopping, storage and organising your stuff
  • Shop now: Large | Medium | Small

Oval shopping baskets

  • Two leather-bound handles
  • Four sizes
  • Great for shopping and carrying anything from food to firewood
  • Shop now: Oval shopping baskets

Nyariga shopping baskets

Pot baskets

  • One leather-bound swing handle
  • Decorative and appealing solution for storage and organising
  • Shop now: Pot baskets

Special use and decorative baskets

  • For laundry, for display, for beautifying your home
  • Shop now: Special baskets

Step 2 - What size?

  • Bigger baskets - carry or store more, but take up more space
  • Smaller baskets - great for organising a lot of stuff, take up less space

Step 3 - What colours?

  • Bright, vibrant and eye-catching?
  • Subtle and subdued?
  • It’s up to you!

Top left: Log cabin curtains © Julie Ferguson
Bottom left: Musa indigo curtains © Jenny Potter
Right: Timbuktu curtains © Susan Stobbs

African fabrics make great curtains

When it comes to interior design and home decor, our ever-creative customers are proving once again the appeal and versatility of African fabrics.

Julie Ferguson started out making a block for the Virtual Log Cabin project and didn't stop until she had a full set of curtains. Well done, Julie!

Jenny Potter used Musa's hand-dyed indigo fabrics for her curtains.

And Susan Stobbs dressed up her window with the Timbuktu design from our Woodin Bogolan range of African furnishing fabrics. Sorry - that design is all gone, but we have plenty of other options in stock.

Video celebrates our handmade African products and makers

Over 35 years Magie and Bob have travelled to 34 of Africa's 54 countries, researching and documenting the processes of dyers, batik artists, stitchers, bead makers and basket weavers.

Not surprisingly, we've amassed thousands of images and more recently video clips. Mostly, they sit there eating up space on Bob's Mac.

Lately - with Jenny working from home (COVID, remember that) - she's been keeping us up there on social media. Her latest creative venture has been making short videos about our products, makers, suppliers and philosphy.

We hope you find them informative and fun. More videos coming soon.

Watch on YouTube: African Fabric Shop Handmade

Wow, this one's irresistible: WKP119 Kudhinda  potato print wallhanging, 70 x 100 cm

Kudhinda potato print wallhangings: just arrived from Zimbabwe

Kudhinda is Shona for 'stamp' or 'print'. Kudhinda 'potato print' wallhangings are designed by Ros Byrne in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Initially Ros's team used real potatoes to delicately stamp the designs by hand, but these days handcut rubber stamps are more efficient.

Their detailed designs reflect the strength, colour and pattern of southern African design. Kudhinda is committed to fair trade principles. 

100% cotton canvas, with hanging sleeve.

Sizes vary. Each wallhanging is a unique creation: there is only one.

View and buy: Kudhinda potato print wallhangings

Also available: Kudhinda screenprint fabrics and Kudhinda Zig Zag bag kit

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