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£2,450 raised for COVID relief in Africa :  Thank you all

Our friends and suppliers are extremely grateful to you - our followers and customers - for your donations. Your money has helped them all during this very difficult time. There's still some money left in the pot, which we'll distribute as it's needed.

Now let's kick start Africa's markets

We'll say it again: we're a business, not a charity. Raising donations when they are desparately needed is an honourable thing, of course. Again, we thank you.

But what our friends and suppliers really need is business.

The more fabric, beads and baskets you buy from us online, the more we can buy from Musa, Neneh, Esther, Perpetual, Oklah, Amina, the Brass Bead Boys and the basket weavers at the Baba Tree in Bolgatanga.

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Online shop open as usual

Obviously you can't come to the shop and all of our events are either cancelled or in limbo for the forseeable future.

The good news is: you can still shop for our fabulous African fabrics, beads and baskets online. Happy browsing.

More info: How are we dealing with COVID-19?

Magie mining for textile treasure: our new Vintage Textile Fragments

NEW online: our vintage textile fragments

When we're in Accra we love diving into Kwasi's shed-full of vintage African textiles. He's a real expert and we've learned a lot from him over the years.

Aside from selecting great Vintage and Collectable African Textiles, Magie always spends time sifting through Kwasi's scraps - the sacks of remnants he's saved to repair old and damaged cloths.

You may have seen these textile treasures on display at a show. Now - with all events on hold - you can browse and buy our Vintage Textile Fragments online.

  • Old and worn - at least 25 years old
  • Salvaged and  distressed
  • Seriously gorgeous
  • Inspiration for your next textile art project

View and buy: Vintage Textile Fragments

What will you put in yours?
Our new flat dish baskets from Bolgatanga, Ghana

NEW from Bolga: flat dish baskets

Over the years, many of you have asked, 'Do you have a flat basket I keep my wool in?'

Alas, the weavers in Bolga rarely make this style of basket.

We do occasionally get a few, which we bring to events.

Now - with all events cancelled - we've put the few we have on the website.

  • For your wool
  • For your treasures
  • For your  studio
  • For your wall
  • For looking beautiful

View and buy: Flat Dish Baskets

Be quick. Limited stock. When they're gone, their gone.

NEW Maseru necklace kit with genuine Shwe Shwe from South Africa

Like many of you, Magie loves her Shwe Shwe.

Plus, she's always experimenting with new ideas for this versatile fabric.

Building on our already popular Zulu Bracelet Kit, she's designed our latest Shwe Shwe innovation: our new Maseru Necklace Kit.

It's colourful. And it's really easy. No special tools required.

And remember. We only sell genuine Shwe Shwe fabrics, designed and printed in South Africa by Da Gama Textiles. No illegal copies from us.

View and buy: our new Maseru Necklace Kit

NEW fabrics and colours for our Batik Beach Tote Bag Kit: Turquoise and Moss/Yellow

NEW fabrics and colourways for our Batik beach tote bag kit

What happens when you put together a great bag kit design by our own Dorothy Deane with colourful hand-dyed batiks by Esther Amate in Accra, Ghana?

Answer: the NEWEST fabric and colourway combinations for our easy-to-make batik beach tote bag kit.

  • Turquoise colourway - two complementery wax stamped batiks
  • Moss/Yellow colourway - deep moss green, bright yellow and a zingy touch of red

View and buy: New colourways of Batik beach tote bag kit

Virtual Log Cabin Quilt at 6 April 2020: 105 blocks and counting

Quilters worldwide respond to COVID-19

The Virtual Quilt project is up and running

Many of us - stuck in lockdown - are wondering what we can do to generate some good vibes and hope in these strange and stressful times.

  • Enter our friend and neighbour Dionne Swift, one of the UK's premier textile artists and tutors...
  • Her idea? Let's all make a virtual quilt and publish it online - block by block - as people send in their blocks.
  • Enter another dear friend... Janice Gunner, award-winning quilter. Called to the cause, Janice quickly created the easy-to-follow instructions for a log cabin block.
  • Enter The African Fabric Shop... when you order any of our  fabrics online, we're putting Janice's instructions in with your order - plus a small pack of fabrics. That's to encourage you to make a block for the Virtual Quilt.

All you need to know to get involved

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