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The river is life

All across Africa, water sustains life.

Trickling streams become vast rivers: the Nile, Niger, Gambia, Zambezi and incomparable Congo.

Sustain your creative spirit with our African River palette of blues, turquoises, purples and complementary colours.

Find more fabrics

On this page, you'll find fabrics and other items evocative of water from across our many ranges.  For more, explore all of our African fabrics by the metre

Helderberg Nature Reserve, South Africa
© Robert Irwin

River Adventure Pack
image for River Adventure Pack
from £16.50ACL104
Batik Adventure Pack River
image for Batik Adventure Pack River
from £23.50ABA005
Amafu Adventure Pack Water
image for Amafu Adventure Pack Water
from £12.50AAM002
Langa Lapu Adventure Pack Water
image for Langa Lapu Adventure Pack Water
from £12.50ALA002
Shwe Shwe Adventure Black-Turquoise
image for Shwe Shwe Adventure Black-Turquoise
from £14.60FSC032
All At Sea Array
image for All At Sea Array
Riverside Array
image for Riverside Array
Esther 733
image for Esther 733
Esther 746
image for Esther 746
Wirligig Azure Gold
image for Wirligig Azure Gold
Shimmer Azure Gold
image for Shimmer Azure Gold
Dotty Dotty Turquoise Lime
image for Dotty Dotty Turquoise Lime
Lightbox Turquoise Lime
image for Lightbox Turquoise Lime
Twins Turquoise Black
image for Twins Turquoise Black
Poppy Turquoise Black
image for Poppy Turquoise Black
Bold Animals Blue Mauve
image for Bold Animals Blue Mauve
Fine Birds Blue Green
image for Fine Birds Blue Green
Froggie Pale Turquoise
image for Froggie Pale Turquoise
Langa Lapu 9080
image for Langa Lapu 9080
Langa Lapu 9112
image for Langa Lapu 9112
Langa Lapu 9082
image for Langa Lapu 9082
Diffa Blues
image for Diffa Blues
Zebra Botanical Sky
image for Zebra Botanical Sky
Mini Triangles Indigo
image for Mini Triangles Indigo
Diamonds Blue
image for Diamonds Blue
Aburi Wrapped Bangle Kit Water
image for Aburi Wrapped Bangle Kit Water
Amina Bracelet Kit Blue
image for Amina Bracelet Kit Blue
Bottle Glass Treasure Bag Water
image for Bottle Glass Treasure Bag Water
Colour Mix Treasure Bag River
image for Colour Mix Treasure Bag River
Recycled Plastic Beads Blue/Blue
image for Recycled Plastic Beads Blue/Blue
Large Handpainted Locket
image for Large Handpainted Locket
Large Handpainted Glass
image for Large Handpainted Glass
Large Handpainted Glass
image for Large Handpainted Glass
image for Cobalt
from £2.35BNT011
Dark Turquoise
image for Dark Turquoise
from £2.35BNT026
image for Turquoise
from £2.35BNT008
Pale Turquoise
image for Pale Turquoise
from £2.35BNT023
Kudhinda Blue Steel Oblong Lampshade
image for Kudhinda Blue Steel Oblong Lampshade
Nyariga Small Sale
image for Nyariga Small
Oval Very Small Sale
image for Oval Very Small
10 inch rim New
image for 10 inch rim
9 inch rim
image for 9 inch rim
Pot Large Sale
image for Pot Large
12 Inch Rim
image for 12 Inch Rim
Grace - Special Collection
image for Grace - Special Collection
River Gambia New
image for River Gambia
Sea Treasure New
image for Sea Treasure
Pastel Stripe Kikoy
image for Pastel Stripe Kikoy
Neneh 247 New
image for Neneh 247
Neneh 240 New
image for Neneh 240
On a Wing New
image for On a Wing
Gramophone Record - Panel New
image for Gramophone Record - Panel
Pot Medium Sold Sale
image for Pot Medium
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