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When vegetation rioted on the earth

Going up that river was like travelling back to the earliest beginnings of the world, when vegetation rioted on the earth and the big trees were kings.  Joseph Conrad - Heart of Darkness.

Reflect on that perpetual stillness with our African Rainforest palette of verdant greens.

Find more fabrics

On this page, you'll find fabrics and other items in lush tones of green and complementary colours selected from across our many ranges.  For more, explore all of our African fabrics by the metre

Ituri rainforest, Congo
© Robert Irwin

Rainforest Adventure Pack New
image for Rainforest Adventure Pack
from £16.50ACL102
Esther 644
image for Esther 644
Esther 604
image for Esther 604
Esther 613
image for Esther 613
Esther 655
image for Esther 655
Neneh Handpainted 207
image for Neneh Handpainted 207
Batik Adventure Pack Rainforest
image for Batik Adventure Pack Rainforest
from £23.00ABA003
Vine Leaf
image for Vine Leaf
All Things Being Equal New
image for All Things Being Equal
Speedbird Blocks
image for Speedbird Blocks
Langa Lapu 9110 New
image for Langa Lapu 9110
Langa Lapu 9083 New
image for Langa Lapu 9083
Langa Lapu 9004 New
image for Langa Lapu 9004
Pin Cushion Lime Pumpkin New
image for Pin Cushion Lime Pumpkin
Bloom Lime Pumpkin New
image for Bloom Lime Pumpkin
Spear Circles Lime Pumpkin
image for Spear Circles Lime Pumpkin
Cornflower Black Turquoise
image for Cornflower Black Turquoise
Lightbox Black Turquoise
image for Lightbox Black Turquoise
Garden Black Green
image for Garden Black Green
Fabulous Black Green
image for Fabulous Black Green
Shwe Shwe Adventure Black-Lime
image for Shwe Shwe Adventure Black-Lime
from £14.60ASC027
image for Elephant
Guinea Fowl Bush
image for Guinea Fowl Bush
Janice Gunner Special Selection
image for Janice Gunner Special Selection
image for Moss
from £1.10BBG011
Green Amber
image for Green Amber
from £1.10BBG023
New Colour Mix Treasure Bag Jungle
image for New Colour Mix Treasure Bag Jungle
image for Lime
from £2.35BNT005
Lime Chameleon
image for Lime Chameleon
image for Green
from £2.35BNT006
Pale Green
image for Pale Green
from £2.35BNT022
Lime Striped Kikoy
image for Lime Striped Kikoy
Bolga Fan New
image for Bolga Fan
Pot Small New
image for Pot Small
Oval Small New
image for Oval Small
Baby Jemima Basket
image for Baby Jemima Basket
Laundry Basket Medium
image for Laundry Basket Medium
Bolga Fan New
image for Bolga Fan
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