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Mitumba Kenya Embroidery

Hand-embroidered panels from Kenya

Our lovely panels are hand-embroidered by our friend Christine Kibuka in Nairobi. Christine uses high quality, colourful embroidery threads on her backgrounds of softly faded denim to create each unique embroidery. We just love the wonderful naif look of her designs.

Why do we refer to them as 'mitumba embroideries'?

The Swahili word mitumba means 'bundles'. It refers to the bundles of used clothing available in the mitumba market. This is where Christine buys the denim she uses in her embroideries.

Christine Kibuka busy stitching in Nairobi

image for Rhinoceros
image for Giraffe
image for Elephant
Thomson Gazelle
image for Thomson Gazelle
image for Lion
Cape Buffalo
image for Cape Buffalo
image for Monkey
Woman with Plantains
image for Woman with Plantains
Woman with Firewood
image for Woman with Firewood
Woman Cooking
image for Woman Cooking
Woman Hoeing
image for Woman Hoeing
Woman with Water
image for Woman with Water
Woman with Basket
image for Woman with Basket
Woman with Kiondo
image for Woman with Kiondo
Woman Pounding
image for Woman Pounding
Pink Flamingo
image for Pink Flamingo
White Flamingo
image for White Flamingo
Guinea Fowl
image for Guinea Fowl
image for Turaco
Crested Crane
image for Crested Crane
image for Ostrich
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