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As the sun rises on Africa

It's a new dawn. Golden orange light splashes across the land.

The rising sun brings new life, new opportunities and new challenges.

Capture the warmth with our African Sunrise palette of reds, oranges and golden yellows.

Find more fabrics

On this page, you'll find fabrics and other items in warm sunrise colourways selected from across our many ranges.  For more, explore all of our African fabrics by the metre

Grace Adover batik studio AccraSunrise over the River Gambia, Basse
© Robert Irwin

Esther 643
image for Esther 643
Esther 642
image for Esther 642
Oyster Shell
image for Oyster Shell
Froggie Ghost Sunrise
image for Froggie Ghost Sunrise
Langa Lapu 703
image for Langa Lapu 703
Langa Lapu 8583
image for Langa Lapu 8583
Langa Lapu 818
image for Langa Lapu 818
Ceedee Pumpkin Green
image for Ceedee Pumpkin Green
Lightbox Pumpkin Green
image for Lightbox Pumpkin Green
Starburst Scarlet Gold
image for Starburst Scarlet Gold
Poppy Scarlet Gold
image for Poppy Scarlet Gold
Magic Mandala Scarlet Black
image for Magic Mandala Scarlet Black
Kaleidoscope Scarlet Black
image for Kaleidoscope Scarlet Black
Shwe Shwe Adventure Pumpkin-Scarlet-Gold
image for Shwe Shwe Adventure Pumpkin-Scarlet-Gold
from £14.60ASC026
Leopards New
image for Leopards
Guinea Fowl Sunrise
image for Guinea Fowl Sunrise
Janice Gunner Special Selection
image for Janice Gunner Special Selection
Large Handpainted Locket
image for Large Handpainted Locket
image for Orange
from £2.35BNT002
image for Coral
from £2.35BNT001
image for Yellow
from £1.00BNT004
Red Elephant
image for Red Elephant
Dondo Spiral
image for Dondo Spiral
Round Spider Web
image for Round Spider Web
image for Amber
from £1.10BBG009
Kenyan Kikoy New
image for Kenyan Kikoy
Kudhinda Potato Print Wallhanging
image for Kudhinda Potato Print Wallhanging
Bolga Fan Sold
image for Bolga Fan
13 inch rim
image for 13 inch rim
9 inch rim New
image for 9 inch rim
Pot Large
image for Pot Large
Oval Very Small
image for Oval Very Small
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