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As the sun sets on Africa

In Africa, the sun sets fast.

One moment, it's day. And a moment later - after a brief kaleidoscope of colour - it's night.

Hold onto those last rays of light and warmth with our African Sunset palette of pinks, purples and golds.

Find more fabrics

On this page, you'll find fabrics and other items in warm sunset colourways selected from across our many ranges.  For more, explore all of our African fabrics by the metre

Ilha de Moçambique
© Robert Irwin

Esther 652
image for Esther 652
Neneh 635
image for Neneh 635
Betta 631
image for Betta 631
Betta 626
image for Betta 626
image for Spiral
Bold Animals Blue Purple
image for Bold Animals Blue Purple
New Animals Pale Mauve
image for New Animals Pale Mauve
Langa Lapu 812
image for Langa Lapu 812
Langa Lapu 826
image for Langa Lapu 826
Fabulous Purple Gold New
image for Fabulous Purple Gold
Dotty Purple Gold
image for Dotty Purple Gold
Diamante Purple Gold
image for Diamante Purple Gold
Lightbox Pink Lime New
image for Lightbox Pink Lime
Mercury Rising Pink Lime New
image for Mercury Rising Pink Lime
Berries Pink Black
image for Berries Pink Black
Twirling Pink Black
image for Twirling Pink Black
Diki Elephant Ghana Blue
image for Diki Elephant Ghana Blue
Ndoro Stripe Ghana Blue
image for Ndoro Stripe Ghana Blue
Elephant Ghana Blue
image for Elephant Ghana Blue
African Ark Ghana Blue
image for African Ark Ghana Blue
Kudhinda Adventures Ghana Blue
image for Kudhinda Adventures Ghana Blue
from £41.50AKU102
Janice Gunner Special Selection
image for Janice Gunner Special Selection
Handmade and Handpicked 167
image for Handmade and Handpicked 167
'Purples and Pinks' Embroidery Threads
image for 'Purples and Pinks' Embroidery Threads
'Purple Haze' Embroidery Threads
image for 'Purple Haze' Embroidery Threads
Pink Chameleon
image for Pink Chameleon
image for Coral
from £2.35BNT001
image for Purple
from £2.35BNT012
Kudhinda Potato Print Wallhanging
image for Kudhinda Potato Print Wallhanging
15 inch rim
image for 15 inch rim
Modou Handpainted 210 New
image for Modou Handpainted 210
Wally Handpainted 205 New
image for Wally Handpainted 205
Tusker Purple New
image for Tusker Purple
Take Me Home New
image for Take Me Home
Thriller New
image for Thriller
Neneh 668 New
image for Neneh 668
12 inch rim
image for 12 inch rim
Bolga Fan New
image for Bolga Fan
14 inch rim
image for 14 inch rim
Bolga Fan New
image for Bolga Fan
15 inch rim
image for 15 inch rim
Striped Kikoy New
image for Striped Kikoy
Jemima 10 Cows
image for Jemima 10 Cows
Striped Kikoy New
image for Striped Kikoy
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