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As the sun sets on Africa

In Africa, the sun sets fast.

One moment, it's day. And a moment later - after a brief kaleidoscope of colour - it's night.

Hold onto those last rays of light and warmth with our African Sunset palette of pinks, purples and golds.

Find more fabrics

On this page, you'll find fabrics and other items in warm sunset colourways selected from across our many ranges.  For more, explore all of our African fabrics by the metre

Ilha de Moçambique
© Robert Irwin

Sunset Adventure Pack
image for Sunset Adventure Pack
from £17.50ACL105
Shwe Shwe Adventure Pink-Purple
image for Shwe Shwe Adventure Pink-Purple
from £14.60ASC038
Kudhinda Adventures Ghana Blue
image for Kudhinda Adventures Ghana Blue
from £44.00AKU102
Short Waves
image for Short Waves
Twirling Pink Black
image for Twirling Pink Black
Spirograph Pink Gold
image for Spirograph Pink Gold
Dotty Purple Gold
image for Dotty Purple Gold
Bold Animals Blue Mauve
image for Bold Animals Blue Mauve
Fine Birds Mauve Clouds
image for Fine Birds Mauve Clouds
New Animals Purple
image for New Animals Purple
Voids New
image for Voids
Winding Road - Autumn New
image for Winding Road - Autumn
Neneh 246
image for Neneh 246
Neneh 243
image for Neneh 243
Ndoro Stripe Ghana Blue
image for Ndoro Stripe Ghana Blue
Diki Elephant Ghana Blue
image for Diki Elephant Ghana Blue
image for Coral
from £2.35BNT001
Dark Purple
image for Dark Purple
from £2.35BNT012
Recycled Plastic Beads Pink/Red
image for Recycled Plastic Beads Pink/Red
Recycled Plastic Beads Dark Pink
image for Recycled Plastic Beads Dark Pink
Betta 811 New
image for Betta 811
Esther 810 New
image for Esther 810
Esther 809 New
image for Esther 809
Esther 805 New
image for Esther 805
Esther 804 New
image for Esther 804
Esther 802 New
image for Esther 802
Esther 801 New
image for Esther 801
Betta 794 New
image for Betta 794
Batik Table Cloth New
image for Batik Table Cloth
Batik Table Cloth New
image for Batik Table Cloth
Batik Table Cloth New
image for Batik Table Cloth
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