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Colours of the African night

We think of night as pure darkness: the absence of light, devoid of colour.

But night is more subtle than that.

Pause. Wait. Adjust.

Behold our African Night palette of moody blacks and greys with a glimmer of white.

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On this page, you'll find monotone fabrics and other items selected from across our many ranges.  For more, explore all of our African fabrics by the metre

Brooding sky, Rumsiki, Cameroon
© Robert Irwin

Langa Lapu 8099
image for Langa Lapu 8099
Langa Lapu 8052
image for Langa Lapu 8052
Langa Lapu 7037
image for Langa Lapu 7037
Bloom Cream
image for Bloom Cream
Elephant & Headrest Blue Steel
image for Elephant & Headrest Blue Steel
African Ark Blue Steel
image for African Ark Blue Steel
Zig Zag Blue Steel
image for Zig Zag Blue Steel
Guinea Fowl Blue Steel
image for Guinea Fowl Blue Steel
Kudhinda Adventures Blue Steel
image for Kudhinda Adventures Blue Steel
from £41.50AKU101
Koffiebos - White on Navy
image for Koffiebos - White on Navy
Mini Sun Seed Pod - White on Silver
image for Mini Sun Seed Pod - White on Silver
Large Tree Seed Pod - Grey on Silver
image for Large Tree Seed Pod - Grey on Silver
Ostrich - White on Grey
image for Ostrich - White on Grey
Snake & Ellie - Grey on Silver
image for Snake & Ellie - Grey on Silver
image for Diré
image for Pelou
Mud Cloth Piece
image for Mud Cloth Piece
Black Mud Cloth
image for Black Mud Cloth
Tree Cotton Strip Cloth
image for Tree Cotton Strip Cloth
Undyed Mossi Cloth
image for Undyed Mossi Cloth
image for Clear
from £1.10BBG001
image for Charcoal
from £1.10BBG017
Colour Mix Treasure Bag Night
image for Colour Mix Treasure Bag Night
image for Black
from £1.00BNT015
image for Grey
from £1.00BNT021
image for Cream
from £1.00BNT017
White Rhino
image for White Rhino
image for Zebra
Manjak Cushion Cover New
image for Manjak Cushion Cover
Tonka Times Lampshade
image for Tonka Times Lampshade
Dire Patchwork Cushion Cover New
image for Dire Patchwork Cushion Cover
Sierra Leone Cushion Cover
image for Sierra Leone Cushion Cover
16 inch rim Sold
image for 16 inch rim
Pot Large
image for Pot Large
Nyariga Small New
image for Nyariga Small
Laundry Basket Medium
image for Laundry Basket Medium
Jemima 10 Cows
image for Jemima 10 Cows
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