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On the road in Africa

You can find some real textile treasures in the markets of Africa.

We know, because we spend several weeks per year riding the buses, tro tros, gellie gellies and 'sept place' Peugot 504s up and down bumpy, rutted tracks in search of just those treasures.

We're the ones who get hot, dusty and thirsty. And we do mean thirsty!

All you have to do is put the kettle on and browse our website to see what we found.

Happy browsing. Enjoy!

Magie Relph & Bob Irwin Djenne MaliMagie Relph and Bob Irwin: ferry crossing, Djenne, Mali

African Fabrics by the metre photo

African Fabrics by the metre

Yes, we sell our African fabrics by the metre. But that's not all.

Like Magie, many of our customers are quilters. And what do quilters need more than anything else in life?

Why, Fat Quarters, of course. Which means our minimum order is a mere Fat Quarter.

Or you can buy a half metre, a metre or more, depending on stock available. 

View African Fabrics by the metre

Unique & Decorative African Textiles photo

Unique & Decorative African Textiles

Many African textiles begin with the simplest technologies.

Take a drop spindle, then drive four posts into the ground to support the heddles of a basic loom.

Add a mortar for pounding leaves, bark and roots into natural dye stuffs.

Dig a pit in the ground and fill it with indigo.

From these timeless elements - used today as they always have been - African artisans are still producing the textiles that continue to say, 'We are Africans.'

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