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Vintage & Collectable African Textiles

Africa is rich in textile traditions

When ever and where ever we travel in Africa, we're constantly finding new textiles that we've read about, but never before encountered in real life.

Sometimes we're lucky. We get to sit down under a tree with the artisan maker - or for vintage cloths, in a dusty village market with the seller. That's how we learn how these cloths are made, worn, used and cherished in their African cultures. 

Often - just because these cloths are so beautiful - we can't resist buying them. Afterall, that's our passion.

Have a leisurely browse and enjoy the fruits of our travels.

Magie Relph and Bob Irwin

Read and print story Kente Cloth: Woven Legacy and Patchwork Inspiration 

© Magie Relph, Popular Patchwork, 2004

Sewing Baoulé cloth: Waraniene, Côte d'Ivoire
Sewing Baoulé cloth: Waraniene, Côte d'Ivoire

Vintage Baoulé New
image for Vintage Baoulé
Vintage Ashanti Kente
image for Vintage Ashanti Kente
Aso oke cloth
image for Aso oke cloth
Aso Oke Cloth
image for Aso Oke Cloth
Vintage Mossi indigo
image for Vintage Mossi indigo
Vintage Bondoukou
image for Vintage Bondoukou
Vintage Ashanti Kente
image for Vintage Ashanti Kente
Contemporary Mud Cloth
image for Contemporary Mud Cloth
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