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Helping Musa's Clinic

Helping Sukuta Health Centre in The Gambia

Over the years we've grown very close to our friend Musa Jaiteh and his family in the village of Sukuta in The Gambia. Musa dyes our very special Kola Nut & Indigo fabrics.

Musa is very involved in his community, especially his local clinic.

Sukuta Health Centre is the community’s first option for everythings from stitches to malaria to maternity. On our last visit in May 2022 we learned that the average weekly birth rate is 68.

The first time we went there with Musa, we met his newborn daughter Aminata. We were shocked at the basic and difficult conditions.

So we decided to help if we could.

Since 2015 via our various fundraisers, you -  our loyal and generous customers - have donated more than £14,000 to Sukuta Health Centre. How amazing!

Spending the money in The Gambia

The government covers direct medical costs - clinicians, treatments and medicines. But all the rest - sanitation, maintenance, repairs and renewals is down to the community and volunteers like Musa.

We do not tell the clinic how to spend this money. The staff, village elders and the community work together to spend the money where it is needed most.

Here are some recent expenditures:

  • New, bigger and better drainage and septic system
  • Plumbing repairs and renewals, including new toilets and sinks for staff, patients and visitors
  • New opaque sliding glass windows in maternity ward to keep out dust and provide privacy
  • New secure windows for pharmacy
  • Electrical repairs and renewals, including fans and air conditioners
  • New floors, tiling and curtains
  • Repairs and renovations to staff accommodation
  • Cleaning equipment and supplies
  • Medical equipment - digital thermometers, blood pressure monitors, nebulisers

So thank you all for your contributions. The families of Sukuta village are very grateful.

Please sign up to our e-Newsletter… that way you’ll always know what’s going on at the clinic and won’t miss your chance to help out via our latest fundraiser!

Press report: Huddersfield Examiner

With Magie Relph, Musa Jaiteh invites village elders to participate in planning how to spend £3,900 to help Sukuta Health Centre. December 2015.


Sewage repairs underway at Sukuta Health Centre. Rose, Musa and Magie purchasing cleaning equipment for the clinic.


Sukuta Health Centre


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