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African Fashion

Colour, innovation, design: that's African fashion

When we're shopping for fabrics in Africa, we're always on the lookout for something new.

Funny, but we never look far. Something eye-catching is inevitably just around the corner.

And - when you put your imagination to work - there's no telling where experimenting with African fabics will take you.

So get creating... get sewing!

Colour and creativity with African batiks

For our fabulously creative batik makers in Ghana and The Gambia, staying ahead of the competition calls for constant innovation.

New designs, techniques and colour combinations mean every buying trip is a whole new adventure.

All of our hand-dyed batiks are 100% cotton, either plain weave or damask. Both are excellent for dressmaking and tailoring.

Plus: because the batik process uses heaps of very hot water, shrinkage is minimal and the colours are fast and long-lasting.

View and buy: Hand-dyed African batiks

Magie and Bob: we wear batiks all the time!

Shwe Shwe: new colours, new designs, new fashion

Shwe Shwe has long been the fabric of choice for traditional - some might say 'old fashioned' - dressmaking in southern Africa.

But times change and so has Shwe Shwe!

Today South Africa's cutting edge designers are putting Shwe Shwe's newest colours and designs up front in their latest catwalk collections.

Meanwhile: if you're after a more Victorian look, traditional Shwe Shwe is perfect. Just ask the costumers of Downton Abbey!

View and buy: Shwe Shwe indigos | Shwe Shwe colours

© Da Gama Textiles, South Africa

Make it with mud cloth

Roselle Abramowitz created some amazing art wear garments using our mud cloth - one of Africa's most unusual and unique traditional textiles.

And Roselle's philosophy?

Art becomes clothing. Wear it. Hang it on a wall when not on yourself and it will beautify your space.

We couldn't agree more.

View and buy: genuine Mud cloth from Mali

Read and print story Bogolan: Artistry in Mud

Mud cloth jackets © Roselle Abramowitz

Osei-Duro: creative with strip cloth

Innovative, fair trade design house Osei-Duro produces stunning garments in India, Peru and in Accra, Ghana - where we met founder Molly Keogh.

We love their latest creations using hand-dyed, handwoven strip cloth from Daboya, home of the tradtional fugu smocks you've seen Bob wearing at World Textile Days.

View and buy: Handwoven strip cloth

© Osei-Duro

Say 'Africa' - African wax print dress

Nothing says 'Africa' like a beautifully designed and tailored dress made of African wax print fabric.

Our model here works at the ATL outlet shop in Accra.

We buy all of our genuine wax print in Ghana - either GTP or ATL.

View and buy: African wax printsAfrican wax print indigos | African prints

African wax print dress
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