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Decorative African Textiles

Vintage Ashanti Kente

Decorative African Textiles
Code: VCC225
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Woman's Ashanti Kente ceremonial wrapper in striking indigo on white design.

Kente is probably the most recognisable of Africa's many traditional textiles, adopted by Africans around the world as a symbol of their heritage. Early cloths were woven with imported silk, but since the 1920s Kente weavers have used rayon or rayon mixed witih cotton.

Handwoven, from Ashanti region, Ghana.

Though this cloth is up to 25 years old, it is in excellent condtion. The cloth has aged gracefully and has a lovely, soft feel.

Old Kente cloths in excellent condition are very rare and expensive, but this smaller piece is a great example at an affordable price.

Approximate size: 114 x 168 cm / 44 x 66 inches

Vintage Ashanti Kente VCC225
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