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Bottle Glass Beads


Bottle Glass Beads
Code: BBG007
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Clockwise from Star beer cap: Round XL, Round Large, Round Medium, Round Small, Square Large, Square Medium, Tube, Lizard Head, Star.

Recycled bottle glass beads. Handmade in Ghana.

Multi-buy saving - Mix 'n' Match

Any 10 for the price of 9
Applies to all £2.35 packs of beads. Your discount will be applied automatically at the checkout.

Star BBG007-ST
£1.10 each Buy
Round Large BBG007-RL
£2.80 per pack of 5 Buy
Square Large BBG007-SL
£2.80 per pack of 5 Buy
Lizard Head BBG007-LH
£2.80 per pack of 5 Buy
Round Medium BBG007-RM
£2.35 per pack of 10 Buy
Round Small BBG007-RS
£2.35 per 10g pack, 17-20 beads approx. Buy
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