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Special Use & Decorative Baskets

Kenkia Basket Large

Special Use & Decorative Baskets
Code: KEN102
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Kenkia - in the Gurune language used around Bolgatanga - refers to a large gourd, traditionally used to carry water.

This elegant, full-bodied basket is a true work of art: simple design, difficult and time-consuming to weave.

Looks great empty. Looks even better filled with dried foliage from your garden. Or insert a glass container and presto: you've got a big woven flower vase.

Average basket size - inches / centimetres - approximately:

  • Basket diameter, widest point: 20 inches / 51 cm
  • Height to rim: 18 inches / 45 cm
  • Rim diameter: 8 inches / 21 cm
Kenkia Basket Large KEN102
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