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African Wax Prints

Wax Print Adventure Pack

African Wax Prints
Code: AWX001
Photo for Wax Print Adventure Pack
Fabrics vary with stock available. Image represents a typical selection.

Random selection of African wax print fabrics. Made in Ghana. Fabrics vary with stock available. Image represents a typical selection. Mini Adventure packs contain 20 pieces, each 25 x 30 cm / 10 x 12 inches, approximately. 100% cotton.

5 Fat Quarters AWX001-5FQ
£20.00 per pack Buy
5 Half Metres AWX001-5HM
£40.00 per pack Buy
9 Fat Quarters AWX001-9FQ
£35.80 per pack Buy
Mini Adventure 20 AWX001-20
£23.10 per pack Buy
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