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Vintage & Collectable African Textiles

Vintage Adinkra Cloth

Vintage & Collectable African Textiles
Code: VCC154
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Adinkra is the traditional funeral cloth of the Ashanti region of Ghana.

This is an affordable, well-preserved fragment of a whole Adinkra cloth and is at least 30 years old.

Whole cloths are very large - typically 3 or more metres square - and increasingly rare and expensive.

Adinkra cloths are made up of strips sewn together with a colourful, decorative stitch. Adinkra artists use calabash stamps to apply Adinkra symbols to the cloth using a black pigment derived from a tree bark. 

Every Adinkra symbol has a name and a mythical meaning based on an Ashanti proverb.

Handpainted in the Ashanti region of Ghana. 100% cotton.

Approximate size: 127 x 142 cm / 50 x 55 in.

Vintage Adinkra Cloth VCC154
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