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Behind the Scenes Video

It's all about the people and the stories

Magie and Bob have spent almost 40 years researching, documenting, and buying African textiles from artisan makers and itinerant traders in 34 African countries... and still counting.

  • For us, it's not just the textiles - it's the people we meet, work with and learn from.
  • It's their knowledge and their stories that we hope to pass on to you - along with their textiles!

Watch us on YouTube: Behind the Scenes at The African Fabric Shop


Musa Jaiteh: Still Standing

Our treasured friend Musa Jaiteh was recently filmed and interviewed for a short documentary film all about how he's keeping the tradition of dyeing textiles with kola nut and indigo alive in The Gambia.

It's a beautiful, informative and touching film by the Insider Business 'Still Standing' team, who focus on the survival of indigenous crafts.

You'll meet Musa and his family, learn about his work and marvel at their skill and dedication.

Beautifully rendered by award-winning photographer Jason Florio, another of our friends in The Gambia, Musa's film is very positive about the future.

Asked about dyeing fabrics for the blockbuster film The Woman King, Musa said, 'It was a sign to keep going and make sure the craft stays alive.'

Watch on YouTube: Still Standing with Musa Jaiteh

What we do in 100 seconds

As part of the Woven in Kirklees festival, Magie and Bob were interviewed about what we do and how The African Fabric Shop came to Meltham.

Watch us on YouTube: What we do in 100 seconds

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