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Handmade Buttons

Incomparable hand-made buttons from South Africa

Our wonderful hand-made buttons come in a variety of African animal and abstract designs: perfect for embellishing your African themed project.

Jennifer Pascall started making buttons on her kitchen table in Johannesburg in the 1980s. As her buttons became popular, she trained local women in the skilled craft of button making and Incomparable Buttons was born.

Each button is carefully crafted from Incomparable's unique mix of ceramic and stoneware clay, then hand-painted and glazed before multiple firings at very high temperature. This is why Incomparable buttons are 100% machine washable and can even be dry cleaned.

The incomparable staff at Incomparable Buttons in Johannesburg

Guinea Fowl
image for Guinea Fowl
Guinea Fowl Family
image for Guinea Fowl Family
image for Giraffe
image for Lion
African Elephant
image for African Elephant
Indian Elephant
image for Indian Elephant
Mixed Elephants
image for Mixed Elephants
image for Zebra
Game Park
image for Game Park
Big Five
image for Big Five
image for Huts
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